Water Relief: Improving Lives One Well at a Time

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Only 1% of our planet’s water is accessible, leaving over 663 million people across the globe without access to clean drinking water. The effects of contaminated drinking water are devastating to individuals and entire cultures. Without clean water, illness flourishes, impacting peoples’ ability to attend school and work. As the issue continues to worsen, in many places the economy is so severely impacted that poverty becomes commonplace. 

We can change this

Your purchase Water Relief Bracelet provides clean drinking water to children in Africa through the support of the non-profit organization Drop in the Bucket.  

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Drop in the Bucket believes that clean water is a basic human right that empowers people to break the cycle of poverty. By building wells, supporting education, providing sanitation and empowering girls, Drop in the Bucket is working to eliminate poverty and water related illnesses.


Everyone Deserves Clean Drinking Water

At Bead the Change, we know that by supporting clean water, we can create a remarkable and lasting impact on humankind and on the world. Our Water Relief Bracelet allows you to directly improve the lives of many while raising awareness about why clean water is essential to our planet. 

10% of the proceeds from each Water Relief Bracelet sold will be directly donated to Drop in the Bucket to support access to clean water, education, sanitation, and girls in need.

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