Protect the Elephants & Rhinos: Protecting Our Wildlife By Ending the Ivory Trade

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The international trade in elephants, rhinos, and other species is the second-largest threat to wildlife, surpassed only by habitat loss. Each year, over one thousand rhinos and tens of thousands of elephants are killed by poachers who profit from the sales of ivory and rhino horn. If this continues, some species of rhinos and elephants could be extinct in the next decade and both could vanish from the wild by 2034. 

We can change this 

When you purchase a Protect the Elephants & Rhinos Bracelet, you directly support NRDC, an organization that serves as a voice for elephants and rhinos. NRDC works closely with national and international governments to prevent the destruction of these species and raise awareness about threats to their well-being.  


 NRDC works to protect all of the earth’s inhabitants including people, plants, animals, and all of our life-supporting natural systems. With over three million members and online activists, plus the support of 600 scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates worldwide, they work to ensure all people’s right to air, water, and the wild.  

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Creating a World Where Elephants and Rhinos Thrive

The rate at which elephants and rhinos are being killed for their ivory is devastating. Bead the Change knows that to save these magnificent creatures from extinction, we must work together and take action. To achieve this, we’ve made saving the elephants and rhinos one of our primary causes.

  10% of proceeds from our Protect the Elephants & Rhinos / End The Ivory Trade Bracelet will go directly to NRDC to support their battle against the ivory trade and illegal poaching.

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