Climate Change: Fighting Climate Change One Step at a Time


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Climate change is real, and it is having a catastrophic impact on our planet. Each year, climate change causes extreme weather events unlike any we have seen in our lifetimes. Climate change is melting our polar ice caps and warming our oceans, depleting Arctic and Antarctic habitats, and imperiling the futures of coral and marine animals. Warming climates put humanity at risk, too: with every passing year, rising sea levels put countries and coastlines in danger of being submerged or swept away.

We can change this

When you purchase a Climate Change Bracelet, you directly support the Carbon Fund, an organization that purchases carbon offsets to reduce the CO2 being put into our atmosphere. They use renewable energy, reforestation, and other projects to offset high levels of CO2 that are responsible for climate change.

carbon fund logo is fighting global warming by helping individuals, businesses, and other organizations to affordably and easily offset their impact on the climate and support the shift to clean energy.  


 Why we support this cause

Reducing the Impact of Climate Change

At Bead the Change, we know that the average American leaves an annual carbon footprint of 50,000 pounds. That means each of us, no matter how environmentally conscious we are, has a serious impact on the level of CO2 in our atmosphere, making us directly responsible for climate change. We created our Climate Change Bracelet to give people a way to reduce their carbon footprint and make the world a healthier place. 

With each Climate Change Bracelet purchase, 1100 pounds of carbon offsets will be retired and re-directed towards a renewable energy project, reversing the CO2 damage that has been done.

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