Ocean Cleanup: Removing The Plastic From Our World’s Oceans

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With over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently littering our oceans, both large and small microscopic plastics have become a threat to the health of our planet and humankind. Plastics are found in the stomachs of most marine-based animal life, and jeopardize the future of our oceans and its inhabitants every day. 

We can change this

When you purchase an Ocean Cleanup Bracelet, you directly support The Ocean Cleanup, an organization dedicated to reducing 90% of plastics in our oceans by 2040 through its use of cutting-edge technology.

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  The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization that develops advanced technologies to remove plastics from the world’s oceans. By utilizing ocean currents to create a passive drifting system, they are on track to clean up half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in just five years.



Creating Clean Oceans for Future Generations

At Bead the Change, we recognize plastic pollution of our oceans as one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. The problem is so widespread that we can only solve this problem by working together. Although the world’s oceans are suffering, if we work together we can create a brighter future for our oceans and marine life so future generations can enjoy them. 

 10% of proceeds from our Ocean Cleanup Bracelet will be directly donated to The Ocean Cleanup project to help support their mission to cleanup our oceans. 

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